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Home Remedies for Gout

Gout is a painful disease characterized by inflamed joints. Symptoms of gout include redness, swelling and heat in the affected joints. Gout used to be considered a disease caused by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and consuming rich foods, which is why it is known as “rich man’s disease” or “the disease of kings.” Now, though, it is known that anybody can develop gout. And although certain foods and beverages can contribute to the risk of gout attacks, they do not act alone. Many times, gout is hereditary and caused by the body’s overproduction of uric acid or ineffective excretion of uric acid through the kidneys.

Many people don’t know they have elevated blood uric acid levels until they have their first acute attack. Luckily, there are many gout home remedies that can alleviate the pain of a gout attack. First, it is important to rest the inflamed joint until the pain is gone and then for an additional 24 hours. Elevation of the affected joint may also be effective in reducing the inflammation. Over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Aleve and Tylenol, may be used to reduce the inflammation as well. It should be noted, however, that aspirin should be avoided. It can make the attack worse due to the abrupt impact it can have on uric acid levels.

Once the acute attack has been resolved, the next goal is to reduce the risk of future flares. It is important that people suffering from gout be at a healthy weight. If overweight, a low-fat diet can help bring the number on the scale down. However, eating too little can actually make gout worse by increasing the body’s production of uric acid. Exercise will also help with weight control and in lowering the risk of flares.

Diet is also an important consideration when trying to avoid gout attacks, and it is an easy gout home remedy to use. Meat and seafood, which are high in purines (chemicals the body naturally converts into uric acid), should be avoided, as should alcohol, especially beer. Consuming these things can raise the amount of uric acid in the body and make the likelihood of an attack greater. On the other hand, certain foods can help lower the risk of a gout flare. Cherries, for instance, are a well-known gout home remedy and can help reduce inflammation in the joints. Vitamin C can help lower blood uric acid levels, as can apples. It is also important to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to aid the kidneys in excreting excess uric acid.

There are also certain medications that can affect blood uric acid levels. A doctor should be consulted if diuretics or niacin are being used and gout is a problem. Also, using low-dose aspirin on a regular basis can increase the amount of uric acid in the body. However, this drug is often used to prevent strokes and heart attacks, so it should not be discontinued without a doctor’s approval. Lead poisoning can also increase the risk of an acute attack. A doctor can do an evaluation for lead poisoning and recommend treatment.

Gout can be a painful experience, but the use of these gout home remedies should help relieve the pain of an acute attack and lower the risk of future flares. If gout persists, there are prescription medications that can be prescribed by a doctor to complement home treatment.

Getting Rid of Nail Fungus And My Fungavir Review

I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that I had a nail fungus infection.  Now, if you’ve never had one before, they are unsightly as your nails begin to turn yellowish brown and begin to chip and crack.  Mine eventually became much worse and the pain set in.  I thought that if I waited long enough the pain would go away and my nails would magically heal themselves.  I guess you’ve figured out, that does not work the way it sounds like it should.

So I decided to see what types of treatment options I could find to help me get rid of this infection and to keep them from coming back.  I’m not sure how I got the infection, but I am a swimmer and I also like to work out and shower at the gym, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it.  I’m not always the best there is as drying my feet off good when I get out of the pool or even the shower.  I guess I figure they’ll dry themselves and I don’t have to worry much about it.  That thinking didn’t help any either.

I looked around and did the research on everything that I was looking for in a treatment option.  I wanted something safe, but it also had to be something that worked well and not only got rid of my infection, but also kept away any future nail fungus infections.  I was tired of my nails looking as bad as they did and I had even stopped going to the gym and to the pool.  I was so embarrassed by the way my nails looked that I didn’t want anyone to see them.

I finally found a product called Fungavir and what a miracle that was for me.  I began to use the product faithfully and before 

long my nails were starting to look better and better.  I couldn’t believe the results I was seeing from the Fungavir.  I had read the testimonials online about the many people who had found the relief they desired by using this product, but it was all true!  I was on cloud nine as I watched day by day as my nail fungus began to get better.

I was so impressed with Fungavir and the results I was getting I felt like I needed to tell everyone I could about the results.  I almost wanted to take off my shoes and start to show people my nails.  I know that would have been too much information for anyone so I fought the urge of doing that.     So instead I thought I would post my review of the product on my blog so that more and more people would know about the product and would have the information they needed to help cure their nail fungus infection.

As my nail fungus infection began to get better I began to go back to the gym to work out and I also felt comfortable enough to take my shoes off and go to the pool again.  I was no longer embarrassed by the way my nails looked and I didn’t have to hide my feet in shoes 
Fungavir is made from all natural ingredients and is endorsed by doctors who have done several studies on the ingredients that are found in Fungavir and all of them have been proven to support good nail health.  You will not suffer from any dangerous side effects anymore.  I wasn’t going to hide my feet in shoes anymore.  And you shouldn’t have to either.  Once you begin to use Fungavir you will see that your nail fungus is something that you will no longer have to worry about.  Not a day will go by that you are not glad you made the purchase.  I know I feel that way. from taking it and all you will see are results.  Your nails will look great and you will no longer be embarrassed to take your shoes off for any reason.  You’ll actually want to show off those healthy nails to everyone you see.  The results are unbelievable and you will know you will have healthy nails from here on out. So, if you are like me

and have a nail fungus infection, either on your toenails or fingernails, purchase Fungavir to help get those nails in tip-top shape and not worry about the fungus coming back again.  It works safely, effectively and quickly so that you can be comfortable with your nails again.

Don’t think that not treating the infection will make it any better.  Try Fungavir and see the great results you will get.  There is not a better product on the market today that can help relieve your nail fungus infection and support the growth of new, healthy nails.

Home Treatments for Food Poisoning

When we go through an accident or we suddenly fall ill we immediately resort to first aid treatment. We go to our medicine cabinets and search for something that can ease the pain and avoid further damage to the health. Food poisoning can happen to anybody and anywhere. I can be a challenge sometimes to spot what might have caused the poisoning. You will know if you have been food poisoned if you experience nausea, diarrhea, chills and fever. When such things may happen you do not have to panic. All you have to do is to come up with a home made solution.

  1. You should not ingest solid food while going through the symptoms.
    • It is best to take liquids instead of solid foods. Taking frequent sips will allow you to flush out the harmful substances on your stomach which is causing the poisoning.
    • It is advised for adults to take energy drinks but must be diluted with water. Diluting is advised because the sugar content of the beverage may cause the diarrhea to worsen.
    • Taking of tea with lemon does not promise immediate relief nor is it a remedy for poisoning, but it can bring comfort to stomach cramps.
  1. When taking of liquids is tolerated it is now best to introduce solid foods slowly. Just avoid foods that may be oily as it can trigger diarrhea. Rice, potatoes, wheat, cereals and lean meat are just some of the best types of food to take.
  1. Food poisoning cannot be cured with medicines to treat diarrhea. It can help ease the discomfort of diarrhea but it will not cure the main cause of the problem.

It is best to seek medical help the soonest possible time if the home remedies seem to bring temporary comfort. Seeking medical help will treat the disease and will also help trace the cause of the poisoning. This is especially important if the poisoning has occurred on several individuals as it can be considered as an outbreak.


My Struggle With Varicose Veins, and How I Got Rid of Them With VariDerm

I am forty – a successful nurse, still young, a picture of almost perfect health. Almost except for one thing: I have varicose veins. Those prolonged periods of standing have caught up with me.

I started noticing them a few months ago and it seems to be getting worse. Not that I don’t take any form of medicine to stop the inflammation. Being in the medical field, I, of all people, am well aware of the treatments and medicines to prevent varicose veins. But so far, the medication I have been taking isn’t getting me anywhere. Aside from giving me temporary relief, it has done nothing. My varicose veins seem to become more and more noticeable.

An Angel in the Form of a Co-Worker

Fortunately, an angel in the form of my co-worker came. She recommended that I use VariDerm. She said that she had varicose veins before that were far worse than mine. But when she started using VariDerm, her condition improved. She didn’t even have to undergo expensive schlerotherapy after that.

I was hesitant because the medicine I was taking at that moment came highly recommended but didn’t deliver what it promised. My friend had assured me that there was no harm trying since VariDerm is of a different nature from what I had at that time.

She said that VariDerm is a formula with all-natural ingredients that are known to address the main cause of varicose veins. She further told me that since it’s a supplement, it doesn’t just eliminate varicose veins but regenerates those tissues and cells that were destroyed because of the pressure caused by the blockage in my veins.

Knowing that other formulas just alleviate pain, VariDerm regulates blood flow by relaxing the veins and opening up the blocked areas. And eventually, she said, swelling will be gone once blood flows unobstructed.

I’ll admit I was hesitant…

I was anxious about another thing – what about the side effects? Aside from my friend’s assurance and encouragement, I visited their website to check for myself what Variderm is made of.

Whatever doubts I had in mind at that time disappeared when I saw Variderm’s composite elements. It is made of herbs and some spices that most of us are all familiar with, but ignorant about its healing properties.

Like say for example Ginger. VariDerm has ginger as one of its ingredients. But I was not sure that it does more than a regular spice. But ginger, as I had found out, increases and aids blood circulation. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent. And VariDerm has it plus 14 other natural ingredients that strengthens the body against susceptibility from varicose veins.

…But I had No Need to Be

After I overcame my worries, I ordered VariDerm and another surprise came with it – VariCream. So I have VariDerm that works internally to help my blood circulation and wipes out inflammation and pain, and VariCream which works externally.

Just by taking two capsules in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening even without meals, VariDerm has worked excellently. I’ve been taking it for 3 months already and I have seen the dramatic effect as my veins shrink away and becoming less noticeable.

Thankfully there are still miracles like VariDerm.